We invest in early stage technology-driven companies with outstanding growth prospects. We back entrepreneurs who seek to build major enterprises in the Midwest. We are active investors who work hard to understand an entrepreneur’s goals, business plan and industry over the life of an investment. The basic elements of our investment strategy are set forth below.

Early Stage

We invest in early stage opportunities where the prospect of building a valuable company is compelling. Most investments we make are in companies where an entrepreneur, an emerging technology and a promising market opportunity are identifiable and consistent with the venture model. We will invest in seed stage and start up companies.

Technology Driven

We focus on markets where fundamental advances in software and communications technology are creating the opportunity to build major enterprises in the Midwest. While we actively pursue IT investments, we are also drawn to sectors such as materials science and medical devices. We often target companies developing niche technologies where the potential to address broader markets exists.


We look for partnerships as a critical source of leverage for the companies in which we invest. North Coast co-invests with other corporations and venture capital firms whose experience and participation bring added value to the business.


We believe that geographic proximity is important in building close relationships with entrepreneurs and their companies. By investing in companies in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, we can provide active, sustained assistance with strategy, business planning and recruitment.