Sales Near for Delphinus

According to Mark Forchette, the company’s president and CEO, within two weeks Delphinus will move into 21,000 square feet in the former Lee Steel Corp. building in Novi, on Grand River Avenue just east of the Suburban Collection Showplace. He hopes to start selling devices by the end of the year. “This will triple our space, which is … Continued

The Rise of the 3D Printing Machines

3D printing started off as a novelty with very few industrial applications, but this is changing rapidly as the printers get better and faster.  As the technology improves, more and more custom and complex parts are being made using 3D printing, as opposed to conventional methods because it’s cheaper and faster and produces higher-quality components. … Continued

Fabrisonic Adds Rotary Access to Expand Capabilities of its Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Systems

Fabrisonic LLC, Columbus, Ohio, USA, a manufacturer of ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing machines, has added rotary access to their SonicLayer 7200.  The in-house machine is the largest of three machines developed by Fabrisonic and is used to make parts for customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and military applications.  The additional rotary axis is designed … Continued

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

A 3D metal printing technique using a patented ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) process uses sound waves to merge layers of metal foil.  This technology can manufacture complex components with features and attributes not possible through traditional manufacturing techniques.  Satellites have long used layers of aluminum, titanium, and tantalum to create a graded-Z structure. The variation … Continued

Mobile Discount App Brings Hundreds of Local Perks and Discounts to Members

Belvoir Federal Credit Union’s mobile discount app, known as Belvoir Buck$, has recently released a new upgrade which features over 20 local establishments where users of the application can show the discounts and receive instant savings on their purchases.  Belvoir Buck$, brought to Belvoir Federal members by Larky, provides discounts to over 50 local and national … Continued

Nanoemulsion Adjuvanted Vaccines Continue to Demonstrate Positive Pre-Clinical Results in Genital Herpes, HIV and Chlamydia

NanoBio Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing intranasal and intramuscular vaccines, today announced that its intranasal nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvanted chlamydia vaccine has demonstrated efficacy in a traditional mouse challenge model. The study was conducted by leading chlamydia vaccine researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia led by Dr. … Continued

Delphinus Adds Vice President of Quality, Regulatory Affairs to Team

Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., the leader in advanced breast ultrasound technology, announced today that it has appointed Francis X. Dobscha as its new vice president of quality and regulatory affairs.  With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, Dobscha will lead the organization’s quality efforts and guide the regulatory submissions as the company continues clinical … Continued

NanoBio Corporation’s Genital Herpes Vaccine Demonstrates Efficacy In Guinea Pigs As Both A Prophylactic And A Therapeutic Vaccine

NanoBio Corporation today announced that its intranasal nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvanted genital herpes vaccine has demonstrated efficacy in studies conducted in both the prophylactic and the therapeutic guinea pig model. Guinea pigs represent the primary animal model used to study genital herpes vaccines. The data was recently presented at the 40th Annual International Herpesvirus Workshop in Boise, ID.  “The results of … Continued

New Tech Leads to Comfortable Mammogram Alternative

New ultrasound technology developed in Detroit can potentially detect breast cancers masked by dense breast tissue more accurately than conventional ultrasound, and without the discomfort of a traditional mammogram.  Instead of compressing the breast between two plates and manipulating it to various viewing angles, the SoftVue technology has the patient lie on a table with … Continued

Delphinus Raises Over $39 Million in Capital

Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., the leader in advanced breast ultrasound technology, announced today that it has secured an unprecedented venture round of $39.5 million. The venture capital funding is the single largest amount ever raised for a healthcare imaging company in the Midwest, as well as the largest for a medical device company in Michigan.   … Continued