Gamification Pioneer Tackles Business Goals Management

Many companies devote hours to strategy sessions setting annual goals—for revenue growth, new products, process refinements, whatever. Far fewer actually manage those aspirations on a day-to-day basis.  Three-year-old software company BetterWorks, the latest venture from the co-founder of gamification pioneer Badgeville, Kris Duggan, just raised another $20 million in Series B funding to address that dilemma. … Continued

BetterWorks Raises $20 Million Series B

BetterWorks, a platform for employees to set themselves goals, share them with others in their organization and track how well those goals are being met, has raised another $20 million in Series B funding.  Founded by Kris Duggan — an early Palantir employee who went on to found “gamification” platform Badgeville — BetterWorks plans to use … Continued

Fabrisonic Adds Rotary Access to Expand Capabilities of its Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Systems

Fabrisonic LLC, Columbus, Ohio, USA, a manufacturer of ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing machines, has added rotary access to their SonicLayer 7200.  The in-house machine is the largest of three machines developed by Fabrisonic and is used to make parts for customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and military applications.  The additional rotary axis is designed … Continued