BlueWillow Biologics Announces Issuance of Intranasal Anthrax Vaccine Patent

BlueWillow Biologics® today announced the issuance of U.S. patent number 10,138,279 covering an intranasal NanoVax® anthrax vaccine. The patent, issued to the University of Michigan under exclusive license to BlueWillow, is based on research conducted by the University demonstrating the vaccine’s ability to elicit long-term protection against lethal anthrax challenge in animals. BlueWillow’s intranasal NanoVax platform … Continued

Fabrisonic introduces smaller Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing platform

U.S. metal 3D printing company, Fabrisonic has introduced the latest machine based on its Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process. The new SonicLayer 1200, showcased at RAPID + TCT last week, uses the company’s hybrid manufacturing technology which leverages a unique room temperature metal deposition process harnessing sound waves to merge layers of metal foil without the need for … Continued