NanoBio Corporation’s Genital Herpes Vaccine Demonstrates Efficacy In Guinea Pigs As Both A Prophylactic And A Therapeutic Vaccine

NanoBio Corporation today announced that its intranasal nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvanted genital herpes vaccine has demonstrated efficacy in studies conducted in both the prophylactic and the therapeutic guinea pig model. Guinea pigs represent the primary animal model used to study genital herpes vaccines. The data was recently presented at the 40th Annual International Herpesvirus Workshop in Boise, ID.  “The results of … Continued

New Tech Leads to Comfortable Mammogram Alternative

New ultrasound technology developed in Detroit can potentially detect breast cancers masked by dense breast tissue more accurately than conventional ultrasound, and without the discomfort of a traditional mammogram.  Instead of compressing the breast between two plates and manipulating it to various viewing angles, the SoftVue technology has the patient lie on a table with … Continued

Delphinus Raises Over $39 Million in Capital

Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., the leader in advanced breast ultrasound technology, announced today that it has secured an unprecedented venture round of $39.5 million. The venture capital funding is the single largest amount ever raised for a healthcare imaging company in the Midwest, as well as the largest for a medical device company in Michigan.   … Continued