Delphinus SoftVue One Step Closer To Reality

Delphinus is sponsoring a large nationwide project collaborating with researchers across the country with the intent of providing a better supplemental breast screening modality to physicians and the women they serve, particularly women with dense breast tissue. SoftVue™ is an unparalleled 3-D whole breast ultrasound system that uses a circular transducer and proprietary algorithms to … Continued

An Ultrasonic Welding-Powered 3D Printer

I’m a sucker for an entirely new 3D printing process, and that’s what I walked into when I encountered Fabricsonic last week.  Fabrisonic produces a 3D metal printing device that uses ultrasonic welding principles.  Basically a high frequency sound is applied to two adjacent materials, which then causes the two materials to bond. The process … Continued

Blue Medora Expands Partnership With VMware

Blue Medora, a provider of enterprise cloud and datacenter management solutions, is releasing its True Visibility Suite will as a third-party product available as part of the VMware vCloud Air Network Program.  The True Visibility Suite’s expanded availability to the vCloud Air Network Program makes it only the second third-party solution in the program.  “More … Continued