Delphinus SoftVue One Step Closer To Reality

Delphinus is sponsoring a large nationwide project collaborating with researchers across the country with the intent of providing a better supplemental breast screening modality to physicians and the women they serve, particularly women with dense breast tissue. SoftVue™ is an unparalleled 3-D whole breast ultrasound system that uses a circular transducer and proprietary algorithms to generate reflection, speed of sound, and attenuation imaging, presenting not only breast tissue structure, but tissue characterization as well.  This month we reached an amazing milestone with our revolutionary SoftVue™ system, establishing a training program for SoftVue™ researchers. We established partnerships with physicians and researchers at eight medical facilities across the country to lead a prospective case collection (PCC), a large clinical research program in support of regulatory approval of SoftVue™ for supplemental screening for women with dense breasts, with the goal of enrolling and imaging 10,000 female volunteers.

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