BetterWorks Raises $20 Million Series B

BetterWorks, a platform for employees to set themselves goals, share them with others in their organization and track how well those goals are being met, has raised another $20 million in Series B funding.  Founded by Kris Duggan — an early Palantir employee who went on to found “gamification” platform Badgeville — BetterWorks plans to use the funding in a few different ways.  First, it wants to sign on more big enterprises as customers. My employer, AOL, recently became one of these, with 6,000 of my colleagues and I now posting on the platform about our ambitions to impress (or perhaps supplant! mwhahaha) our lovely bosses with death-defying feats of productivity. It’s not just tech companies that BetterWorks is attracting: other big wins among its customer base of 200 businesses are CVSHealth, BMW and Schneider Electric, as well as Airbnb and Shutterstock. To date, BetterWorks says that employees have completed 200,000 goals.  And second, to keep building out the BetterWorks platform to become what Duggan and Emergence Captial found and general partner Jason Green both described to me as “the operating system for your business.”

Link to TechCrunch article